Eye Care

What Kind of Eye Care you Need Now

It is no accident that they say; the eyes are a mirror of the female soul. All our feelings are reflected in the eyes. Their attraction and charm, steel shine and playful obstinacy force strong men to submit to nice women. However, even the most delightful look will be even more beautiful when its owner constantly cares for the skin around the eyes.

The Face

  • Alas, not all cute ladies pay due attention to this most delicate area of ​​the face. But there are a lot of rules, observance of which will help to significantly delay the appearance of early wrinkles around the eyes, or at least noticeably reduce them.
  • If you use make-up, remember: sometimes even the most expensive and effective facial can be ineffective for the skin around the eyes. For the latter, you need to purchase special products: milk, tonic, cream or gel. For the right Eye Care this is a very important matter.
  • Clear the skin around the eyes 2 times a day – in the evening and in the morning. This is easy: put the milk on a cotton swab or a dry napkin, attach to the eyelids and hold for a few seconds.

Then, with a light movement, blot the eyelids with a lotion that does not contain alcohol. Doctors-cosmetologists recommend using toning and moisturizing agents as a lotion (keep the eyelids on the skin for 3-7 minutes). This procedure will remove irritation and redness, smooth out swelling, lighten the dark circles under the eyes.

Things to Remember

And remember, one of the basic conditions of eye care is constancy. Never go to bed with uncombed makeup on your face: redness of eyelids and dark circles under your eyes will be the weakest punishment for your carelessness. Also, do not prop up the upper part of your face with your hand, accidentally pulling your face and eyelids aside, even if it’s your usual position. Try to remember this and when you just relax, and if you dream sweet dreams.

  • If you want to keep youth as long as possible, make it a rule to rest on a low and rather stiff cushion or platen. For information – beauticians in this regard argue that the right thing to do is sleep on your back.
  • Do not pull the skin on your eyelids, washing your face. As little as possible, work on the gentle area around the eyes. When washing, do not wash your eyelids with soap, as this very much dries the delicate skin. We recommend using a gel or foam for washing.

Information for adherents of diets is categorically contraindicated to lose weight too sharply. Therefore, if you are used to combining rigid diets with eating periods, you can forget about the smooth and elastic skin around the eyes.