The Right Addiction Intervention as Per Your Option Now

Classical detoxification from opiates is the first stage in the treatment of drug addiction, during which the body cleanses itself of drugs and removes the syndrome of physical dependence. In our clinic, the course of classical detoxification from opiates is calculated for 7-12 days, depending on the type of drug taken (heroin, codeine prior to the course of detoxification, a mandatory consultation with a doctor-narcologistn, trimethylpentanyl, methadone, etc.).

The Classical Detoxification

Classical detoxification from opiates is carried out according to the standards of drug treatment provided by the Ministry of Health of the Federation. For each patient an individual treatment plan is drawn up, taking into account: the patient’s age, the length of drug addiction (drug use), the dose of the narcotic substance used, the type of narcotic substance (heroin, codeine, trimethylpentanyl, methadone, etc.), the clinical features of the drug withdrawal syndrome, and concomitant pathology (previously transmitted diseases and currently available).  The opportunities for the addiction intervention come next.

The Right Detoxification

The course of detoxification from opiates includes the appointment of modern drugs (medications, droppers) that painlessly remove opium withdrawal. Also in our clinic the “St. Petersburg Narcologist” uses various efferent techniques (plasmapheresis, ozone therapy), which allows to remove the symptoms of intoxication, improve the overall condition of the patient. To correct the psychoemotional state, reduce the vegetative component of the withdrawal syndrome (chills, sweatingand sneezing, gastrointestinal motility disorder), sleep normalization and additional treatment methods such as electro-psychotherapy, acupuncture.

  • During the patient’s stay in the clinic, X-ray examination, ECG, EGG, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis are performed, biochemical, clinical blood tests, urine are taken. If necessary, each patient is consulted by a therapist, neurologistand infectious disease specialist, according to the testimony of a surgeon, gynecologistand urologist.
  • During the course of detoxification from opiates, the patient does not feel lumps, feels comfortable and is under the constant Detoxification of the body from opiatessupervision of an experienced highly skilled doctor an expert in narcology, surrounded by the attention and care of medical personnel. The existing regime in our clinic ensures the safety of patients and the complete anonymity of their treatment.

A professional psychologist, a consultant on problems of addiction, works daily with each patient. During the sessions of psychotherapy, the patient’s understanding of the problem of dependence is formed, the motivation (setting) for a sober lifestyle is developed, individual rehabilitation programs for further treatment are selected, taking into account the personality characteristics of the patient.

Relatives of the patient have the opportunity to communicate daily with the attending physician, in the hospital psychological counseling of the patient is conducted.

At the end of the course of detoxification from opiates, the patient completely eliminates physical dependence on the drug, he does not experience lumps. The patient is ready to receive drugs blocking the opiate receptors or to continue treatment in our rehabilitation center. After the end of detoxification from opiate drugs, the patient is given recommendations for further treatment, individually selected drugs to correct the psychosomatic state, reduce the craving for drugs; the patient is monitored dynamically in outpatient settings.

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